Welcome to Bright Times, a craft and play session designed for pre-school children. We offer a range of art and craft activities, role play areas, messy play and so much more. These activities are designed to develop your child’s imagination, creativity, motor skills and many more developmental skills.

Each session has been carefully themed around a different children’s story which will be read to them each week, hopefully there will be some firm favourites, as well as some books they may never have heard.



Each play session is devised to help develop your child's skills in creativity, co-ordination, decision making, concentration, academic skills, like counting & letter recognition, sharing and taking turns with other children and developing their five senses.
These sessions will help your children to learn through play.


Playing is so important for a child’s development. From an early age a child will learn through play, which in turn helps them to engage and interact in the world around them.
Playing is the core element of these sessions and I hope the children will enjoy the activities provided for them each week.


Imaginative play helps children to develop social skills, creativity and problem solving.
Each week we will have a different themed role play area, giving your child a chance to use their imagination and immerse themselves in the theme of that weeks story.


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